SkinSink x Bianca Jozwiak


SkinSink – 2021

Recently, I collaborated with SkinSink to create quirky illustrated and hand lettered merchandise designs.
These designs were then printed and sold by SkinSink, a small clothing company run by Erla and Nadar, within Berlin, Germany. 

Earlier on in April, 2021, Erla came to me to discuss turning my digital art into printed pieces, which included Think About your Actions, No Idea and Overthinking. As a bonus, I decided to supply her and Nadar with another fun design that was all about stickers. I wanted a feel good shirt that was retro-themed and chose 70s inspired colours to go along with the custom typography. Feel good slogans completed the stickers, from "Heck Yea!" to "Everything is nice". 

By creating retro inspired stickers, and re-working some older designs from my Instagram, the crew necks and
t-shirts are adorned with fun pops of colours and slogans that read, "Everything is nice", "I'd like to announce that I have no idea what I'm doing", "Think about your actions" and "Hold on... I have to overthink about it". The end result was well received by SkinSink and our collaboration is currently still live on their website, SkinSink.com