Plan International Canada

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Plan International Canada – Ongoing

During my time as a Junior Designer, I have created many print and web based items such as swag materials for youth conferences, 40+ page reports for the SDG Goals, Logotypes for collaborative efforts around the world with countries including Mali and Cameroon, website banners and gifs, social posts and more. I am currently still employed here so come back often to see what I've been up to!

Pream Logo coming soon!

Girls Belong Here

Girls Belong Here is an annual project consisting of multiple deliverables for many different channels. This year, GBH was held online, meaning the majority of the work had shifted into web based graphics and reports. All female identifying youth in Canada between the ages of 14–24 were called to apply for an opportunity that would provide women with the opportunity to step into high-profile professional roles for a day to demonstrate that women belong at all levels of leadership and that they have a right to equal opportunity in all sectors. 

The Youth-Led Roadmap to Achieving Gender Equality in Canada (SDG Roadmap)

Youth for Gender Equality will launch the first-ever youth-led roadmap to achieve SDG 5 (Gender Equality) in Canada based on the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Be part of history in the making as youth leaders present their SDG recommendations to global influencers and activists and discover how we can achieve gender equality in Canada and beyond. Hear about the Dialogues and workshops hosted in Canada that led to the creation of these ground-breaking recommendations.


Roadmap in social media/the web: 

   •  2019 Woman Deliver Conference in Vancouver, CA

   •  Facebook and Instagram

   •  Plan International Canada – YGE (You can download the full Roadmap here)